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A Modern Company for Innovative TV Units

LookinGlass originated from MultiMedia Interiors (MMI), a California-licensed audio, video, security and home automation system custom-design and installation firm. Many of our customers had seen modern, mirrored TV wall units in high-end hotels and on cruise ships, and they wanted to know if we could design one for their homes.


We did some research, and found that mirrored TVs were extremely expensive, especially when customized to customer needs. Add the freight cost for the large panel of glass, and the pricing only got higher.


So we decided to try building one ourselves. We thought, how difficult could mounting a TV to a piece of glass be? Very, it turns out. Five years of research and design plus tons of broken glass later, we saw the reflection of all our hard work, ultimately developing a unique process that laminates the TV to the mirror. This design leaves very little, if any, space between the TV screen and the glass, which minimizes the loss of image quality.


The Competition

Many of our competitors simply hang a two-way mirror on a TV, which results in very poor image quality. Others remove a section of a standard bathroom mirror to place the TV in, so turning the TV off leaves an obvious black hole.


With LookinGlass mirrored TVs, you get a high-quality image and a perfect mirror. Plus, we’re the only company to provide entirely in-house service, from design to support.

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