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Frequently Asked Questions


Will my really bright room hinder my ability to see my mirrored TV?

Since our TVs are mirrors, you may see a reflection in your TV while it’s on. The human eye generally overlooks this glare, but it may not be able to if the mirrored TV sits across from a window. Our free in-home consultation will help determine suitability.


Will my bathroom fog up my mirrored TV?

Maybe, but the TV’s warmth usually prevents fog from building up on the TV itself. If you experience an issue, we recommend using Rain‑X® Interior Glass Anti-Fog, which we include with all of the bathroom mirrors we sell. You can also purchase it on, at Walmart or at just about any major auto parts store.


Can you convert my framed mirror to a mirrored TV?

Absolutely! We love projects like these. Contact us to get started.


Can you convert my perfectly good TV to a mirrored TV?

Maybe. We can convert most newer edge-lit LED TVs—we evaluate them on a case-by-case basis. For your evaluation, contact us.


How much do LookinGlass TVs cost?

Because we customize each mirrored TV to each customer’s needs, they vary in cost. The costs for the glass, mirrors, TVs and frames are all big factors. For an estimate, contact us.





I broke my mirrored TV! Will I have seven years of bad luck?

Only if you’re superstitious.


What’s the warranty on your mirrored TVs?

Two years from your purchase date, but it doesn’t include TVs you supply. We also cover mirrors and other items for five years. Obviously, we do not cover damage from abuse or misuse.


How do I clean my mirrored TV?

We recommend using Windex® or a similar glass cleaner. For the best results, apply the cleaner with a clean microfiber cloth. Avoid using aerosol cleaners and paper towels, which can scratch your mirror’s surface.


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