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Our Gallery

This gallery highlights some of the kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and other areas we’ve creatively updated and upgraded with our mirrored TVs.

Custom Iron Frame with 50” Mirror TV
Matching Bathroom Mirrors
Mirror TV Close-Up
Bathroom Mirror TV
Silver Leaf Frame
Kitchen with Mirror TV
Sconce with Bathroom Mirror TV
Conference Room with Mirror TV
Granite Flush-Mounted Mirror TV, Off
Shower, Flush-Mounted Mirror TV, Off
Granite Flush-Mounted Mirror TV, On
Shower, Flush-Mounted Mirror TV, On
Matching Medicine Cabinet
Bathroom Mirror TV, Off
70” Mirror TV
Fireplace with 70” Mirror TV
Mirror TV with Lights
Bathroom Mirror
Frame with 55” Mirror TV
Full-Length Frame with Mirror TV
Custom Cabinetry with Mirror TV
“Naked” Bathroom Mirror TV, Off
“Naked” Bathroom Mirror TV, On
“Naked” 55” Mirror TV, Off
“Naked” 55” Mirror TV, On
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